Landscape Artist of the Year 2019

Would you like to suggest a location for our next series of LANDSCAPE ARTIST OF THE YEAR? If so, tell us about a favourite view that you think would challenge our artists.

We shoot two episodes on consecutive days, so we need locations where there are two contrasting views close to each other; e.g. where we can face the castle on day one, and the surrounding hills on day two. We also need plenty of room for our “pods”, and it would help us if the ground beneath our feet could be relatively firm and flat.

We’d love to hear your ideas – and if we choose your suggestion, we’ll invite you to attend the shoot and meet the production team.

Send us an email to [email protected] enclosing information about the location, especially any photos, and your contact details. Thank you!

Suggest your favorite landscapes for the next series

Terms and Conditions

  • Suggestions from viewers will be reviewed by the series production team at Storyvault Films.
  • The team may, but are not obliged to, select one or more of the suggested locations for inclusion in the forthcoming series.
  • In the event that a suggested location is selected, the person suggesting the location plus one guest will be invited to attend the filming at the location, where they will be introduced to key members of the production team.
  • In the event that a selected location is chosen by more than one person, the invitation will go to the first person to have made the suggestion.
  • Storyvault Films will pay the reasonable cost of travel to and from the location (within the UK), and accommodation for one night.
  • The team’s selection will take into account the artistic challenge presented by the location, but the team will also apply a series of criteria to ensure the suitability of suggested locations. These will include aesthetics, but also accessibility, facilities and logistics. Any eventual selection will not solely be a reflection of the aesthetic appeal of the location.
  • Any selection made by the team will be final. The team does not undertake to provide reasons for any decision.