Sky Portrait Aritst of the Year 2017 Sky Landscape and Portrait Aritst of the Year 2017

Do you have what it takes to become Sky Arts Artist of the Year?

You could win a £10,000 commission for a major British institution and £500 of art materials from Cass Art.


The Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 application window has now closed, thank you to all the artists who have applied. The production team will be in touch with all artists on or shortly following 30th May 2018. We will be announcing our heat locations shortly and would love you to join us on the day to support the artists

We have some exciting news - Stephen Mangan is to join Joan Bakewell as new co-host on Portrait and Landscape Artist of the Year!

The news follows Frank Skinner's decision to step down from his hosting duties on the series. Frank presented three series of Landscape Artist and four series of Portrait Artist alongside Joan, helping to establish the shows as the most popular series on Sky Arts.

British actor, Stephen Mangan is known for his performances both in the theatre and on screen, including starring roles in the BAFTA Award winning Green Wing and the British/American television comedy series, Episodes. He joins the Sky Arts shows fresh from his critically acclaimed performance in The Birthday Party at the Harold Pinter Theatre and as production is under way for the 2018 series of Landscape Artist of the Year and for the 2019 series of Portrait Artist of the Year.

Expert judges Kate Bryan, Kathleen Soriano and Tai Shan Schierenberg also return for both new series.

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All spectator sessions for Portrait Artist of the Year are now fully booked.

While these events continue to be open to the public, due to increasing popularity the heats at the Wallace Collection this year are ticketed, and all sessions are now fully booked.

It’s worth continuing to check here, as some tickets do get returned when plans change. (There may be some returns on the day but we can offer no guarantees. Anyone willing to take a chance will still be able to visit the rest of the gallery even if they cannot enter the filming area.)

Portrait Artist of the Year heats will take place over 8 days from Tuesday 24th April to Thursday 3rd May, not including the weekend.

Landscape Artist of the Year heats will not be ticketed. Locations for Landscape heats will be announced closer to the time – these will take place on 19th/20th June, the 26th/27th June and the 10th/11th July.

The Judges

Kathleen Soriano

Kathleen Soriano

Being one of the three judges on Portrait Artist of the Year is a tremendous honour. Even after 30 years of making exhibitions of finished work by some of our greatest artists, it is still such an awe-inspiring luxury for me to be able to spend time watching such incredibly talented artists creating a work of art over the course of a short day. The atmosphere on set is dynamic and energetic, kind and supportive: a bit like being in a huge artist studio with lots of friends coming around to chat and offer encouragement, albeit some of them being rather famous ... In showcasing the work of these artists we not only aim to make the processes of making art more explicit and accessible but to inspire everyone to take up your brushes or instead, if you're like me, to explore the wonders of art history.

Tai Shan Schierenberg

Tai Shan Schierenberg

As an artist I do have some sympathy for our contestants and the pressures we put them under; from the four hour time limit, to the interruptions as the judges and presenters ask them a whole array of questions in front of the cameras. On the other hand I am rather envious of the fabulous sitters they get to paint such as Stanley Tucci, Imelda Staunton, Sir Ian McKellen et al, as well as the beautiful locations we find for them on Landscape Artist of the Year. Without fail, winners and runners up alike find the whole experience wonderful, a little intense of course, but overwhelmingly I believe the particular pressures of the day and the experience of working next to other equally talented artists has invigorated their own artistic practice in the long term.

Kate Bryan

Kate Bryan

After a few years of being involved in this programme, which I think is a wonderful antidote to the stuffy aspects of the art world, I am still amazed at what the artists can do in one day. It's like watching a highly skilled athlete nail a long distance run, you know that hundreds of hours of solitary hard work and dedication have gone into their victory. On the day these artists get a real opportunity to shine and they really do dazzle us all. I love being in a room full of fellow art addicts and it is such a good feeling to know there is such a big appetite for this kind of unique art programme.

Past Winners

Nerine McIntyre

2018 Portrait Winner Samira Addo

This competition came at such a pivotal time for me and I'm so glad I took the leap! Every experience from the 4 hour challenges, to meeting my sitters, to working with the crew has been a pleasure. It's been great to be in an environment where there are artists from all walks of life, to see and learn how they work and even though it's a competition the general vibe is uplifting and supportive. I feel my work has actually developed throughout the process and it has given me confidence as well as great exposure.

Richard Allen

2017 Landscape Winner Tom Voyce

Taking part in Landscape Artist of the Year was a wonderful experience. Having my work scrutinised by the judges was terrifying but also really rewarding. I was unsure about applying at first but the competition process was a challenging, fun and positive experience that teaches you so much about yourself and your artistic practice. I have really believed in myself as an artist since winning and the exposure that my work has received, combined with the opportunities I’ve been presented with have been fantastic. Now I have a growing number of solo shows and I’m exposing my art to a wider audience.

Nerine McIntyre
2017 Portrait Winner Gareth Reid

I’d describe the past year as exciting, stressful, exhausting, affirming, and pure fun. The other artists and the crew are all so lovely that it’s a joy to take part in. They were very special days that will live long in the memory, and the impact that the exposure has had on my career has been huge. I wish I could do it all again but I have work to get on with!

Richard Allen
2016 Landscape Winner Richard Allen

Taking part in Landscape Artist of the Year was a truly exhilarating experience. The validation of winning, and having my work endorsed by the judges is, of course, humbling and gratifying. The exposure that my work has had and the opportunities I’ve been given since winning have been invaluable. For me, usually a solitary, private person; embracing that performance element to painting whilst talking about and demonstrating my process has afforded me insights about my art that I would otherwise never have had.

Nerine McIntyre
2015 Landscape Winner Nerine McIntyre

Winning the competition has had an amazing impact on my career as an artist. I’m so busy with painting and I have had a lot of commission work as a result of the programme. I also have my first solo exhibition planned for later this year.

Christian Hook
2014 Portrait Winner Christian Hook

This is not a gimmicky programme. There is no humiliation or personal probing, just a real search for talent. Taking part was such a positive experience. It helps you to see the strengths and weaknesses of your own work. Aside from that, it is a really fun day and you are surrounded by like-minded people. This is a programme that is serious about unearthing talent and it gives you an amazing opportunity to get your work noticed by a wider audience.

Christian Hook
2013 Portrait Winner Nick Lord

Since the show I’ve been presented with amazing opportunities; I’ve exhibited in my first solo show, as well as being commissioned by some of the most prestigious establishments in the U.K. Most importantly, Portrait Artist Of The Year gave me the beauty of time. This has allowed me to concentrate on developing my work, as well as furthering my artistic knowledge. As a result of this, I feel as though I’ve improved significantly as an artist. It’s given me the confidence to focus on what I want to paint, helping me unlock my full potential as an artist.

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